Online Lending Policy Summit 2017

Over the past few years, across the globe, there has been unprecedented growth and innovation in online lending. In the US, this industry is committed to working with regulators to create an appropriate framework to foster responsible innovation in online lending. The Online Lending Policy Summit will bring together thought leaders from the private and public sectors to continue the constructive dialogue that has begun between the industry and the various regulatory agencies.

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The Second Annual Summit will to continue create opportunity for responsible industry participants to share insights, propose standards and provide regulators and policymakers with consensus viewpoints on the regulation of online lending. The Online Lending Policy Summit will include participants from across the online lending industry, including: online lenders, academics, lawyers, banks, consumer advocates, servicers and regulatory agencies, amongst others.

The Summit is presented through the Online Lending Policy Institute founded by the Center for Finance, Law & Policy, at Boston University, Cross River Bank and Rocket Loans. This partnership will help facilitate an open and constructive dialogue between the public and private sectors, and act as a catalyst for the Online Lending Policy Institute—which will be laser focused on presenting reasonable solutions to meet the goal of responsible innovation.